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If you require landscape gardening then look no further than Lorimer. With a wealth of experience in the landscape and horticultural industry, we will bring you exciting conceptual projects. Whether it be driveways, fencing or soft landscaping our design team will bring new dimensions to your garden.

Lorimer Tree & Landscape Services Glasgow.
We carry out a comprehensive service on all aspects of tree care.

Lorimer Tree & Landscaping Services will undertake Branch removal
Branch removal may be necessary if branches are weak, broken or dangerous, or to higher the canopy, as to allow other plants to flourish. There could be a variety of reasons for this procedure.

Conifers rely on tree surgeons
Conifer trees and hedges will benefit from regular maintenance from expert tree surgeons, who will control the size and shape, ensuring that the health of the specimen is not compromised.

Coppicing at Lorimer Tree & Landscaping Services Glasgow
Coppicing is necessary for selected species of trees and shrubs, by cutting them to ground level, re –growth will follow rapidly, allowing the trees to flourish and become stronger.

Crown Thinning
Crown thinning is a job for the experts and at Lorimer Tree & Landscaping Services we have the expertise. By removing a proportion of secondary live branches from a tree, without altering the overall shape, it will create an even density of foliage and thus, reduce shading.

Crown Lifting by Lorimer Tree & Landscaping Services Glasgow
Crown lifting is the removal of lower tree branches to allow reasonable ground clearance, and also may be undertaken to allow more light to the area. Expert knowledge is required, to ensure that the correct branches are selected for removal, as incorrect selection could harm the longevity of the tree.

Crown Reduction
Crown reduction involves the removal of branch ends at the crown of the tree without spoiling its natural shape.

Felling undertaken by Lorimer Tree & Landscaping Services Glasgow
Felling a tree requires the expertise of tree surgeons. The technique requires careful removal of branches, gradually lowering the timber without damaging the surrounding area of plants and shrubs, and ensuring that the area is made safe during the process.

Formative Pruning by Lorimer Tree & Landscaping Services Glasgow
Pruning is essential for young trees. Removing competing leaders and weak branches will promote healthy growth in maturity, thereby producing a specimen, free of any physical weakness.

Fruit Tree Pruning
For the promotion of a healthy tree, and for a high fruit yield, it is necessary that pruning is undertaken right from the beginning of its establishment.

Tree Pruning & Hedge Pruning
There are many aspects to tree pruning and we at Lorimer Tree & Landscaping Services of Glasgow will offer advice as to the requirements of pruning any specific tree. Hedges can be pruned to various sizes and styles. Our arboricultural advisor is on hand to discuss these options with you.

Target Pruning
A small amount of pruning may be required if tree limbs are blocking sign posts, lights or are encroaching upon neighbour’s property, it can also be implemented for controlling decay.

Removal of Deadwood
Deadwood needs to be removed to promote health and also to reduce the possibility of falling branches, which could be hazardous.

Stump Grinding at Lorimer Tree Surgeons Glasgow
We have a high powered stump grinding machine which can be used in most locations. Stump and roots can be reduced to small particles within a short period of time.

Emergency 24 hour call out service in the event of hazardous conditions.

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